Credit: ABC Photo: Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family Season 3 Promo Photo

Julie Bowen’s performance as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family snagged her an Emmy at Sunday night’s awards. And, while her acting chops in the series is clearly top-notch, she not always at her “best” early in the morning.

Recently, she had a minor "oops" moment on set with Season 3 guest star David Cross; who plays a town councilman caught up in a political “face-off” with Claire. '

“I called him David Chase,” Julie confessed to Entertainment Weekly. “I was maybe not at my very best at 5 a.m.”

She tried to address him as a "mister" to show more respect. “When I said ‘Mr. Chase,’ he looked at me like, ‘Are you joking? I love the respect with the wrong name.’ I was like, ‘I loved The Sopranos.’”

Maybe Julie could have used another cup of coffee!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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