Credit: YouTube Photo: Video: Sofia Vergara Gets Colorful Makeover From Ellen DeGeneres

Sofia Vergara may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but even she looks a little scary (and hilarious) when Ellen DeGeneres douses her face in Cover Girl makeup...from behind her.

Confused? On Ellen's show, the Modern Family star — who, along with Ellen, is a Cover Girl spokesperson — gamely agreed to give the audience a makeup lesson with Ellen. The catch: Ellen would apply Sofia’s makeup while standing behind her.

As Sofia read from Ellen’s dopey script, Ellen applied purple eyeshadow to Sofia’s cheeks, lipstick to her chin, and foundation to only one side of her face. But how much more do you love Sofia after seeing how easily she transforms from supermodel to superfreak?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Sofia Vergara Gets a Colorful Makeover From Ellen DeGeneres

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