Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Photo: Ty Burrell at the First Annual Comedy Awards in New York City on March 26, 2011

Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, stars in the new indie flick Butter, alongside Jennifer Garner.

Butter tells the story of Bob Pickler, a 15-time winner of the Iowa State Fair’s butter carving competition. Ty plays the role of Bob, and Jennifer portrays his kooky wife Laura Pickler … think Michele Bachmann.

Bob wins acclaim as the “Elvis of butter sculpting,” but his Midwestern community decides it is unfair for the champ to compete a 16th time. The verdict causes Bob to announce an early retirement, which sends his wife into a downward spiral of craziness. She then insists on entering the competition herself to keep the title in the family.

Other notable cameos in the film are Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, and Ashley Greene. Jennifer helped produce the film, which received mixed reviews at this year’s Telluride Film Festival.

Source: Indie Wire / The Daily Beast