Remember when Gloria (Sofia Vergara) shot a hole in Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) inflatable raft with his BB gun and remarked, without missing a beat, "I could have unbuttoned your shirt if I wanted to?" Or when James Marsden guest-starred as Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron's (Eric Stonestreet) hot neighbor who was squatting in Lily's princess castle?

Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Cam, Lily, and Mitch See Their "Neighbor" Out in Modern Family Season 2, Episode 11: "Slow Down Your Neighbors"

Yep, Season 2 of Modern Family was pretty classic. If you can't wait to relive every moment, you're in luck — Season 2 comes out on DVD on September 20!

Sure, that gives you only one day to catch up before the September 21 premiere (not ideal), but if you hunker down and focus, you can do it. We have faith in you.