You Asked, We Answered!

Credit: ABC Photo: Modern Family Picnic Promo Photo

Are you dying to get a first-hand look at Modern Family? Unfortunately, all the interior shots are filmed at Fox Studios in Culver City, but you don’t need a set pass to see the beautiful exterior homes of our favorite TV fam!

Sneak at peak at the Dunphy house at 10336 Dunleer Drive in Los Angeles, and then head over to Jay and Gloria’s famous Los Angeles mansion (the Sinnot Residence), at 121 South Cliffwood Avenue!

Of course we can’t forget our fave couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who live at 2211 Fox Hills Drive in Culver City — right next to the Fox Studios. How convenient! 

As always, when going on celebrity stalking adventures make sure to be respectful and remember that real families live in these homes. In other words, no one will think it’s funny if you start yelling “Jay” in a thick Colombian accent.