Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Lily the Flower Girl on Modern Family Season 3, Episode 13

After all that “controversy” surrounding Lily’s (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) f-bomb on Modern Family Season 3, Episode 13: “Little Bo Bleep”, was seeing the actual episode really that bad?

Watchdog groups like the Parent Television Council (PTC) and something called the “No Cussing Club” stirred up a ton of media attention earlier this week when they slammed ABC for depicting the very real-life situation of a child picking up a cuss word. (Of course, the word was bleeped and blurred on the show and Aubrey, the actress who plays Lily, actually said “fudge” while filming.)

The two groups called the episode inappropriate and “not family friendly” but anyone who has children or has been around children for longer than three seconds probably recognized (and laughed at) the situation.

So, after watching the episode with the now infamous bleep, was the cursing really that bad? Vote in our poll below.

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