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Gloria Quote of the Week: ''He's Not Getting the Playboy ... Ever!

Credit: Hulu

Glorious Gloria ... how we love to hear her speak. Especially when she get mad, like she does in Modern Family Season 3, Episode 6: ''Go Bullfrogs." She's upset over the idea that Manny is becoming a man and engaging in, uh, manly pursuits. Like looking at nudie mags.


Luckily, he's only interested in becoming taller and purchased a "Lengthinator" to adds some inches. And as Jay jokes, for the $50 it cost, "He could've gotten a two-year subscription to Playboy for that," Jay jokes.


Gloria doesn't laugh, though. "He's not getting the Playboy ... ever!" she yells as she pounds Jay over the head with the box. "He's a little boy!!"


Ay, ow!


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