Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I’m “Baby Crazy” Right Now
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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I’m “Baby Crazy” Right Now

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson doesn’t have any doubts about what he wants for Christmas this year. The newly-married actor wants a baby — but maybe not eight of them!

“We’re baby crazy right now,” Jesse, who has been married to lawyer Justin Mikita for just over four months, told People. “We see kids with families walking around, and if those parents look away for too long, someone has to hold us back to not steal them.”

While Jesse once joked that he wanted at least eight kiddos, he’s since admitted that he’d be perfectly happy with one or two little ones.

“It’s definitely part of our long-term plan,” he said. “I made a joke that I wanted ‘a Kate Gosselin situation,’ but that was taken far too literally. I really don’t want eight kids. I think we could handle one — two, tops.”

For now, though, Jesse is happy to enjoy the simple pleasures of married life.

“There was a time that I went to the doctor’s office and the form said, ‘Are you single, divorced, married?’” Jesse said. “And I checked the ‘married’ box. Then I put Justin as my emergency contact, and when it asked, ‘How do you know this person?’ I wrote, ‘Husband.’ It really clicked in for me. Not that it didn’t when I took the vows, but I realized that it will carry on for the rest of our lives. I will always have this person in my life to have my back and to call my husband.”

Source: People