Molly Mesnick on Desiree Hartsock’s Finale: We Saw an Edited Truth — Exclusive
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Molly Mesnick on Desiree Hartsock’s Finale: We Saw an Edited Truth — Exclusive

On Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s gut-wrenching, cringe-inducing, tear-jerking, heart-warming Season 9 Finale, we obviously felt a lot of emotions. And if our TVs were feeling-registers, they would tell you that we felt everything from a shoe (thrown, heel first) to a pizza (box, empty). But while we have trouble seeing the big picture, Season 13 The Bachelor winner Molly Mesnick has just the insight we need to see what we never could.

Lucky for us, Molly took some time to answer a few of our most pressing questions about The Bachelorette’s rocky finale. We first talked to Molls and her husband Jason Mesnick last week, when we had the chance to stop by their podcast “This Is Reality” to discuss our predictions about what would happen on the highly-anticipated finale. And honestly, we all hoped and feared that Brooks Forester would return, so it was a shock when she received and accepted a proposal from Chris Siegfried in the end.

Wetpaint: At what point in the episode did you realize Brooks wasn't coming back? What did you think would happen when he didn't?
Molly: I thought FOR SURE we would see Brooks again! I was even thinking it was still going to happen nearing the end of the show! Honestly, it wasn't until she accepted Chris's proposal that I realized, "OK...Brooks really isn't coming back". hahaha

Were you surprised she dismissed Drew [Kenney] so quickly? And so soon after she had given him a rose?
I wasn't surprised when Des let Drew go on their date. You could clearly see that she was totally over it as soon as their date started. I honestly thought she was going to do the same thing with
Chris, after hearing how she felt after Brooks left. She made us believe that she didn't have feelings for either guy!?

If you were Chris, how secure would you be in that relationship?
As much as I am in shock with how this all turned out, I've been in a similar situation with "taking Jason back", and in no way are either of Chris or Des's feelings "Wrong." If they truly love each
other, and they can emotionally get past what happened on the show, then that's all that matters. Now is the time for the two of them to move on from their "Bachelor relationship" and start working on their REAL relationship.

Could you do what Des did and just 180 into an engagement?
It did seem like Des did a quick turnaround on her feelings, BUT we are only seeing a small percentage of how it all went down. We have no idea how much time was in between. We don't know how she really felt after calming down from the Brooks departure. Again, we must remember that we are only seeing an edited version of the truth. It seems like she's really happy with her decision, so all we can do is support her and wish them the best!

How did Des seem when she talked to Brooks at “After the Final Rose”?
I feel like she seemed to be over the whole Brooks situation. She's engaged and happy... so I'd hope she's over it!

And finally: Juan Pablo Galavis. Thoughts on him as The Bachelor?
I'm not real surprised by this choice. They totally set him up on the MTA. I think he's really attractive... and that accent is hot! It will be really interesting to see another "single dad" in the mix. I will really be able to relate to these gals, since I was in the same situation with Jason and Ty! Should be a fun season to watch!

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