Molly Mesnick Forced to Do WHAT on Live Radio Show? YUCK!
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Molly Mesnick Forced to Do WHAT on Live Radio Show? YUCK!

The Bachelor Season 13’s Molly Mesnick is one of the sweetest, coolest girls ever to come out of the show. But when you mess with her? Oh, you’d better watch out! And we have a feeling that Seattle DJ Bender from KISS 106.1 may be on her list after a stunt he pulled on the February 21 show, when Molly was filling in. (And no, we don’t mean a list of guys she’s sending roses to for their birthdays.)

Molls guest-DJs every once in a while for Bender’s partner in crime, Jackie, on the funny morning show. On today’s episode, the 28-year-old mama of Riley totally got punked during a segment featuring a local chocolate maker. KISS caught the whole thing on camera, since without the visuals of this, it isn’t nearly as hilarious. You can check it out below.

Here’s what went down: Molly was told that the guest owned a small chocolate business and even though Ms. Mes hates chocolate (for shame!) she politely tasted two different types of goodies. Though she clearly wasn’t into it, she was holding her composure until the rest of the folks in the room revealed to her that the chocolates were actually full of bugs!!!

Gross. The guest admitted she’s not a small chocolate business owner, and that she had made the maggot and cricket-filled chocolates in her home kitchen. Molly was completely flabbergasted and said, “I’m never coming back!” Will she make good on her word?

Check out the video and then tell us what you would’ve done in the same situation!

02.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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