Molly Mesnick Lands Sweet New Radio Gig! Is Her Podcast Over? Exclusive
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Molly Mesnick Lands Sweet New Radio Gig! Is Her Podcast Over? Exclusive

Everyone put your hands together for Molly Mesnick, because you’re about to see a lot more of her! Well, not see exactly, but you can hear her melodious voice whenever you want, now that she’s joining the hilarious morning show on KISS FM!

The lovely lady, who won (asterisk implied) Jason Mesnick’s Season 13 of The Bachelor has had a ton of guest appearances on the Bender Nation morning show. While mainly she’s been subbing in for absent co-hosts, we knew something had to be in the works when they made her eat chocolate-covered bugs and she didn’t wrap the cord of her microphone around any of their necks.

Molly has had some major milestones recently, first changing her hair dramatically, and then celebrating daughter Riley’s first birthday today! Basically, her life is awesome, her hair is shiny, and somehow her little nugget is getting even cuter every day. However, when Molls starts her new job on Monday, March 17, there’s one thing we were a touch worried about.

Jason and Molly have been making their excellent behind the curtain podcast “This Is Reality” for 57 episodes so far, and we love it. On the show, they reveal all sorts of Bachelor secrets, talk about current events, and show listeners a part of the process we never get to see: what happens when the cameras shut off.

So, we checked with Molly and good news! She tells Wetpaint that despite her new job, which she’s “scared but excited” about, she and Jason plan to “figure out how to keep the podcast going,” telling us not to worry. If you’ve ever heard the show, you know why we love it so much.

Congratulations, Molly! You rock! Share your excitement for Molly in the comments below.

Source: KISS FM