Mom Recalls Biting Pitbull When It Viciously Attacked Her Toddler
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Mom Recalls Biting Pitbull When It Viciously Attacked Her Toddler

When her child was being attacked, a quick-thinking Texas mom took matters into her own hands, or rather, her teeth, when she literally bit the dog that was mauling her daughter.

According to KHOU Houston, mom Chelsi Camp was watching the dog last March for a friend. Chelsi says the pitbull was always friendly and well-behaved, until she met her daughter, Mackenzi Plass, age one at the time. The family was playing in the backyard when the dog reportedly attacked the girl, completely unprovoked.

Chelsi said the only way to stop the horrific attack — in which Mackenzi was severely bit all over her body and face — was to attack the dog back with the only weapons she had. She punched the dog in the face, and ended up biting the dog’s ear completely off, getting viciously bitten in the arm herself.

“You do whatever you can” she told KHOU, adding, “I don’t have physical strength on my side.” When Chelsi was finally able to call 911 for help, the responding officer shot the dog, but didn’t kill the animal.

Mackenzi had major lacerations all over her face and body, and still carries the scars from that terrible day. Chelsi says that she slowly regained the use of her own arm, and is now back at work.

As for Mackenzi, she will probably carry the scars for a lifetime, but Chelsi says that her daughter is doing very well. “She's a strong little girl and a fighter," Camp said proudly, "She's meant to be here."

The family also said that despite this horrible accident, they still love dogs. The pitbull who attacked the family was later euthanized.

Would you have done the same thing as Chelsi? Sound off below!

Source: KHOU

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