Mom Describes How She Bravely Talked Down Two UK Terrorists
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Mom Describes How She Bravely Talked Down Two UK Terrorists

Yesterday’s brutal attack on a British soldier in Woolwich, UK, has left the entire world aghast. Amidst the horrific story, the unbelievably courageous actions of one particular mom are truly commendable.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett told ITV Daybreak in an exclusive interview that she was riding the bus to visit her children in Plumstead when the bus stopped. “I was sitting on the lower deck and the bus stopped,” said the 48-year-old mother of two. “I could clearly see a body in the road and a crashed car. I trained as a first aider when I was a Brownie leader, so I asked someone to watch my bag and then got off to see if I could help.”

Ingrid then describes going over to the man’s body, and speaking to another woman. who told her that someone had tried to cut off the man’s head. She chillingly describes what happened next: “Then a black guy with a black hat and a revolver in one hand and a cleaver in the other came over. He was very excited and he told me not to get close to the body.” That man has been identified as Michael Adebolajo.

According to Ingrid, amazingly, she didn’t feel any fear at this point. “I was not scared because he was not drunk, he was not on drugs. He was normal. I could speak to him and he wanted to speak and that's what we did,” she said.

Ingrid spoke to the man for more than five minutes, asking him why he had committed such an atrocious act of violence. The man admitted that he killed the soldier because British soldiers killed Muslim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At this point, Ingrid noticed blood flowing from the body, which she said worried her. Choosing to confront the man, Ingrid said, "I asked him what he was going to do next because the police were going to arrive soon. He said it was a war and if the police were coming, he was going to kill them.”

Incredibly, Ingrid then went and spoke to the man’s accomplice, and asked him to hand over the knife in his hand. “He didn't agree and I asked him: 'Do you want to carry on?' He said: 'No, no, no.' I didn't want to upset him and then the other man came back to me. I asked him what he wanted to do next,” she said.

"At that point, there were so many people around that I didn't want him to get scared or agitated. I kept talking to him to keep him occupied,” the quick-thinking mom said.

"Then I saw my bus was moving and I knew that the police would arrive very soon. I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him because my bus was about to leave and he said no. I got on the bus and, after ten seconds, someone came on and told everyone to get down. I saw a police car pulling up and a policeman and policewoman getting out. The two black men ran towards the car and the officers shot them in the legs, I think.”

Ingrid then selflessly turned herself toward helping her fellow bus passengers."When the shooting started, I was not scared. There were so many women screaming and crying on the bus, it took me a minute to calm them down. I didn't have a moment to think of myself. "

UK Prime Minister David Cameron praised Ingrid’s bravery, saying, “Confronting extremism is a job for us all. And the fact that our communities will unite in doing this was vividly demonstrated by the brave cub pack leader — Ingrid Loyau-Kennett… She spoke for us all.”

For her part, Ingrid says, "I am just happy that I managed to do something that might have prevented more trouble. I feel fine at the moment but I suppose the shock could hit me later."

What a level-headed and modest, hero. Ingrid, you are one mom we’d love to have around in a crisis!

Source: The Guardian

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