Mom Takes on Social Media Over Banned Breastfeeding Photo — Did She Win?
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Mom Takes on Social Media Over Banned Breastfeeding Photo — Did She Win?

It isn’t often that David beats Goliath, but sometimes it does happen. This real life tale only ended when a mom decided to take on a social media outlet, using — wait for it — social media.

Heather Bays is a photographer and mother who lives in Toronto, Canada. In addition to her website, she displays her portrait photographs — primarily of mothers and children — on her respective Instagram and Facebook accounts.

According to her blog, Heather decided to share a black and white self-portrait of herself breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter, Audrey, this past May. She tells Toronto outlet CTV News, "I posted [the photo] because my daughter is 20-months-old, so she's weaning right now. These days are very sentimental."

Heather adds that the photo was similar to those of mothers and children shown on the internet every day, and was actually within Instagram’s guidelines. She alleges that after a commenter complained about the image calling it “not cool,” Heather responded saying “you mean so cool.” Shortly after, Heather realized that her Instagram account was shut down.

After repeated attempts to reinstate her account, Heather fought back by starting a second one, Save Heather Bays. The new account quickly went viral, receiving attention throughout Canada, gaining news coverage, and even going global.

It turns out that all of the social media attention worked! Heather’s original Instagram account was recently reinstated, and she’s finally able to get back to work. Heather even took to Facebook to thank her supporters, and address how shocked she is at all of the positive and negative comments she continues to receive. Ah, the beauty of social media!

Do you think her breastfeeding photo was inappropriate? Sound off below!

Sources: CTV News, Heather Bays

05.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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