Momma Dee Is Feuding With Erica Dixon and Reveals Erica’s Fling With Lil’ Scrappy!
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Momma Dee Is Feuding With Erica Dixon and Reveals Erica’s Fling With Lil’ Scrappy!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s latest Season 3 episode (“Blast From the Past”), brought the resolution that we thought we’d never see on TV: Momma Dee had a heart-to-heart with her former foe, Erica Dixon. Not only did Momma Dee apologize to her son, Lil Scrappy’s baby mama, but they also hugged it out. And to sweeten the deal, Momma Dee even extended the olive branch to Erica Dixon’s mom! Tears, guys. Tears!

It all went down during the fashion show for Erica’s new dress line, Klass 6, and by the end of the night, Scrappy’s mom and baby mama were in good spirits. But guys, it looks like things have already gotten sour between Momma Dee and Erica.

When Momma Dee recently chatted with Madame Noire, she dished that since her televised sob fest with Erica, the two have been at odds — and it all went down during the taping of the reunion show!

“Erica, I respect her as my granddaughter’s mother. I tried to apologize to her [on Thursday night’s episode] for any wrong that I’ve done to her. Do you know that b—h came for me at the reunion? She came for me, baby. I had to lay that b—h to rest and I did,” Momma Dee revealed. But guys, it gets even juicier!

Momma Dee went on to say that Erica turned her attention on Momma Dee because Scrappy left the shoot early during the second day of filming. “I guess she felt that I was the weaker link and because Scrappy wasn’t there, she could come for me,” she said, adding, “ No, boo Scrappy is the weakest link because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t still be f—ing you behind Bambi’s back!”

Uh, did Momma Dee just spill that Erica and Lil’ Scrappy have been hooking up since dating his new boo, Bambi?! Gasp!

“It’s a shake-up in the palace!” Momma Deed said. The matriarch ended with saying, “It’s okay because all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put somebody back together again if they don’t straighten up. When I tell you it goes on and on and on!”

It’s sad to hear that the ladies still haven’t learned to be civil with each other for the sake of Scrappy and Erica’s daughter, Emani, but we definitely can’t wait for the reunion to air to hear more about Scrappy and Erica’s affair!

Are you shocked to hear that Momma Dee and Erica are fighting? Are you even more shocked to hear that Erica and Scrappy had a fling? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Madame Noire

08.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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