Momma Dee Mediates a Sit Down With Bambi and Erica Pinkett (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Momma Dee Mediates a Sit Down With Bambi and Erica Pinkett (VIDEO)

And the heat is on! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 5: “Party Foul” ended with our gal Bambi getting into a heated fight with Lil Scrappy’s friend, Erica Pinkett, at Scrappy’s 30th birthday bash. The Bambster smashed an egg, guys! But it looks like Erica’s going to get her shot at some sought-out revenge when Momma Dee calls for a sit down with the two ladies.

“I called both of you here today because what you bitches did at my son’s birthday party — and believe me, don’t take it the wrong way, but it was his 30th birthday,” Momma Dee tells them both, before turning to Erica P. and saying she wants her to “hashtag this bulls—t” and understand “Bambi’s position” since having a miscarriage. As Erica P. questions what exactly is “Bambi’s position,” she tells her she will explain later.

Next, Momma Dee turns to her new ally Bambi and tells the Compton reality star that she also needs to be understanding and see where Erica P. is coming from. Bambi’s not feeling that at all and immediately tells Momma Dee “she doesn’t have a position.”

We can already tell that this conversation isn’t going to end well especially since Lil Scrappy has had a couple rendezvous at Erica P.’s place without Bambi knowing. Seems like Erica P. may have a “position” after all!

Do you think Erica P. has a “position” with Lil Scrappy that Bambi doesn’t know about? Sound off in the comments below!

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