Momma Dee Responds to Brian McKee Drama, Says She’s Dating Someone New
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Momma Dee Responds to Brian McKee Drama, Says She’s Dating Someone New

If you thought things couldn’t get any more bizarre for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Momma Dee’s love life, the newest updates proves that they can.

The whole twisted love affair started when Momma Dee took to Twitter and Instagram to post a photo of her getting cozy with Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly’s newly ex-husband, Brian McKee. After scores of fans tried to warn Momma Dee to stay away (and attacked Brian in the process) the two fought back before Momma Dee confirmed that they were indeed in a relationship.

“We are seeing each other, but we’re friends first,” she told Madame Noire. However, it all appears to have been a big misunderstanding on her part, since Brian McKee reached out to say that they were not at all in relationship, stating, “we have never dated” and “I’m really just going through my divorce with Drea. I’m not really seeing anybody like that.”

Not one to have egg on her face in any situation, Momma Dee’s publicist then released the following statement to clear the whole thing up:

“They are friends; however, she had to be honest with him and let him know that she is in love with another man and is not able to commit to him fully at this time,” said Momma Dee’s rep. The note statement asserted, “That is the truth,” and concluded with, “This all has occurred over the last 48 hours, so Brian knows what is going on.”

So, is it that Momma Dee and Brian McKee were thinking of dating and decided against it because of her new love? Or did she just have the wrong idea about them when she started dating someone new?

Honestly, we still don’t understand it all, but good luck to Momma Dee on her new love. Hopefully we’ll get to see this new King in the palace soon!

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Source: Madame Noire