Momma Dee Tells Fans to Back Off After Posing With Andrea Kelly’s Ex Husband
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Momma Dee Tells Fans to Back Off After Posing With Andrea Kelly’s Ex Husband

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans erupted into an uproar this past week when Season 3 star Momma Dee took to Instagram and Twitter getting cozy with Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly’s estranged (if not already ex) husband, Brian McKee. Once fans got the impression that the two were dating, they showered both stars’ walls with comments and concerns. And guys, Momma Dee had just about enough.

After fans ravaged Momma Dee’s Twitter feed with comments, the reality star hopped on Twitter to say, “Still at my Twitter you don't know me or him.” If most of you are unaware, Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly’s ex wife) filed for divorce from new hubby Brian after only 3 months citing infidelity on his part. Fans (and Andrea’s own co-stars) accused Brian of being nothing more than a mere opportunist looking for the right person to help him pursue his singing career. So when fans saw him coupled up with Momma Dee — who also tweetedInquiring minds wants to know he's divorce and so am I.” — they warned Momma Dee that Brian was just going to use her as his next meal ticket.

But even though Momma Dee told supporters that she knew what she was doing, fans were still unsure about the matchup, prompting her to tweet, “He will not be coming on the show please stay out of my business.” Yikes!

Of course we don’t want to get on Momma Dee’s bad side, but her tweets were pretty attention grabbing. Even Brian thought so when he tweeted, “My good friend @ThaRealMommaDee really knows how to get people's attention!lol #calmdown.”

However, it seems that Brian’s not enjoying the backlash of Momma Dee’s posts, as he took to Instagram to say, “If u having nothing nice to say about anyone, just SHUT UP! 99%people always hate and speak about people negatively as though their perfect.i have never seen a hater that is doing better than the person they hating on. If a person wants your opinion I'm sure a person will ASK! Keep that in mind when u on anyone social networks wasting their time and yours. #getalife #sleepinggreat #hollaback.” While we’re not sure if his textgram — “Too Many Critics With No Credentials” — has anything to do with Momma Dee’s fans’ warnings against him, it could certainly apply.

Do you think Momma Dee should hook up with Andrea Kelly’s ex, Brian McKee? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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08.1.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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