Two Oklahoma sisters have their 10-year-old pit bull terrier, Baby, to thank for rescuing their family from a house fire — twice!

Earlier this week, Rhoda Westenberger and her sister Evelyn woke up to the sound of Baby barking her head off, in an attempt to warn the sisters that their house was on fire. “There were flames shooting down the hallway. If Baby hadn’t woken Evelyn up, I don’t think either of us would have come out of it,” Rhonda told

Fortunately, both women were able to get out of the house unharmed, but Baby rushed back into the fire to save the family’s five dogs, one of which was hiding under a bed. Baby went under the bed and rescued the dog as well as the rest of the gang.

Although the fire took everything from the sisters, Baby made sure it didn’t take any lives. Rhonda said, “I’m so proud of her. She is my hero. She’s the hero for all of us.”


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