The BBC’s lunchtime show got a rather lively makeover recently when host Paula White jumped on the mic on her last day, drunk.

The host slurred her way through about 30 minutes of airtime, asking listeners to request songs because her last day was going to be a “P-A-R-T-Y.” She was giggling, squealing, and “jumping around,” according to one of Paula’s guests from Weight Watchers.

Soon into her show, Paula received a text from a listener who stated that she sounded drunk. Paula replied on-air, “I’m not drunk. I’ve had a couple of drinks, but I’m not drunk.”

Credit: FunkyPhilTV Photo: Drunk Radio Host Gives A Very Lively Last Show

Just a half hour into her three-hour show, Paula was unfortunately removed from the studio and replaced by a colleague.

“Unfortunately Paula’s not feeling quite well, so she’s gone home,” he said.

That’s really too bad, because it sounded like Paula was having the best radio show of her life!

Source: YouTube 

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