Credit: You Tube

This cute kitten might be brave enough to hang out with two lizards who are at least as big as he is, but that’s because he might not actually know that lizards can be a little creepy.

As our kitten friend explores his world, he figures things out a little too late, and gets the fright of his life when one of the lizards sidles up to him. We feel bad for the guy, but his priceless frightened reaction is so completely amazing that it’s worth it. Did you even know cats could jump like that?

Let’s hope he landed on his feet and got some comfort from his owner pronto, or at least got to take a break from his lizard buddies until he got a chance to calm down a bit.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Kitten vs. Lizards: Giving New Meaning to the Term “Scaredy Cat” (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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