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Alyson Hannigan, the talented actress and star of How I Met Your Mother, stopped by to chat with the team at HuffPo Live the other day, and took some time to field some fan questions about being a mom. When asked what is the best piece of advice she would give to new parents, the mom of two daughters, Satyana and Keeva, had this to say:

"Just breathe. And if you can make things fun it's much easier. So try to find the fun way to get them to wear a coat."

We like that advice. And while her comedic timing probably helps her keep her home a pretty fun place, it sounds like the actress mom might be happy with where her numbers are at, kidwise. 

"I'm done! I don't feel I would be good if I was outnumbered,” said the witty star. “My husband and I can each grab one if we need to... if there's a bus coming."

Too funny, Alyson!


Credit: HuffPost Live/AOLOn Photo: Alyson Hannigan Dishes Out Some Parenting Advice

Source: Huffington Post


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