Credit: RingyTheBell/YouTube Photo: Tan Mom Drops New Pop Single

We had sincerely hoped we had heard the last from ‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil back in February, when the judge on her case of allegedly bringing her 5-year-old into the tanning booth with her ruled that she would not be charged. Over and done, right?

Not so fast! In addition to the news that Patricia plans on making a porno (gag!), she also recently released her very first pop single, creepy video and all.

Now you can soak in all of Tan Mom’s glory while watching her strut around the beach in a skimpy bikini while some random young guy fondles her boobs. Her single is less like an actual song and more like a series of statements with slight inflection to some background music, but her overall message is that she clearly wants to be back in the news.

“I’ve got a message to use protection from the sun,” she begins, showing a shred of promise, but then quickly follows it up with some maniacal laughter. Who were we kidding? Strike one.

“I’m sexier than the Teen Mom,” she continues. “I’m hotter than the Octomom.” Ugh, strike two.

And then she goes way over the line (as if getting felt up by a young boy toy and showing her midriff wasn’t enough) and starts dripping sunscreen on her body, saying, “I’ll drop my top down… I’ll give you a treat to see my goodies brown.”

What!? Strike three, strike three!

That’s about as much as we could stomach. A thousand points to whoever can make it through to the end of the video without getting sick. Tell us how you did below!



Credit: RingyTheBell/YouTube Photo: Tan Mom Releases First (and Hopefully Last) Pop Music Video

Source: TMZ

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