Credit: AOL

Check out not-so-little Grant Holmquist! Perhaps the shortest cast member of the Hangover franchise (yes, we’re counting Zach Galifinakis), Grant gained fame as the infant who starred alongside Zach, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in the original Hangover blockbuster.

In fact, the little charmer is so cute, he recently made his onscreen mom, pretty co-star Heather Graham, admit to E! that she “kind of wants one.” Apparently she and her so-called ‘fake son’ spent a lot of time together, which might have stirred up some more maternal instincts in the actress.

As far as his resemblance to his earlier infant self, his real-life mom clearly knows best. She told People, “The cheeks kind of give it away, right?” She’s right, they certainly do!

Credit: AOL Photo: The Baby From The Hangover Movies Looks So Grown Up! (VIDEO)

Source: AOL

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