Credit: Imgur Photo: Bill Murray Imitates a Crying Baby

Bill Murray shouldn’t really be surprised if every kid he’s ever glanced at bursts into shrill screeches and their faces flood with tears. After all, the guy used to hunt ghosts for a living!

Lucky for Bill, he has mastered the art of blending in with his surroundings, clearly shown by his masterful imitation of this poor bawling child. The same eye folds, deep mouth creases, and is it just us or does his hat kinda look like a bonnet? Impeccable, Bill.

Crazy enough as that imitation is, Mr. Murray has also seemed to perfect his impression of crying Tom Hanks at the same time. If it weren’t for the title of the image giving away the aged actor’s identity, we would have bet all of our chips on it being Tom.

Well, once you’ve had enough of staring at this piece of photo art – as if that’s even possible – you should take a look at the expert face swap image a few comments down posted by another fan. Flawless.

Source: Imgur

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