Credit: Instagram Photo: Skyler Morrison Berman Sports Some Impressive Curls

Some moms find their child’s first trip to the hair salon as traumatizing as their first day at school. We get it — it’s a sign that your little angel is growing up, and that can be tough for any mom to accept. Rachel Zoe’s reasons for not taking that step over the barber’s threshold with her son aren’t clear, but what is clear is that while many of her fans think her 2-year-old son Skyler’s long auburn locks are gorgeous (here here!), there are some who think her decision to keep her son from the scissors is cruel psychological punishment.

The 41-year-old TV star posts some of the most adorbs pics of Skyler to her Instagram account, where some of the comments get downright mean. “Poor boy:( wearing girly shoes,” says one commenter, while another remarks, “Youre a terrible mom. Do you know how hard youre f***ing him over?"

Credit: Instagram Photo: Skyler Morrison Berman Is Such a Little Model

The actress hasn’t exactly hidden her feelings about having a boy. According to OK!, Rachel was quoted on her show The Rachel Zoe Project as saying, "When I found out...I was having a boy...I cried...for three weeks." But as anyone who has watched the show knows, Rachel seems like a great mom and she absolutely adores her little guy — especially dressing him up in designer clothes, naturally.

Some commenters on her Instagram photos accuse Rachel of trying to force Skyler to look more feminine, and while this may be far from the truth for all we know, Rachel
has to notice that even the photo agencies think she has a daughter! Back in April, Splash News posted images of Rachel and Skyler, and since Skyler was seen sporting a mini ponytail, Splash captioned the photo, “Rachel Zoe was spotted taking her daughter Skyler to do some art and crafting in West Hollywood." Whoopsie!

Just a personal anecdote: I thought my father was actually my aunt in some of the old photos of him as a young boy. He had the most gorgeous wavy blonde hair that my grandmother decided to keep long for a few years. He may have been mistaken for a girl a few times, but Grandma just corrected them and carried on. It was her choice to keep my dad’s hair long, and she didn’t have to explain that to anyone.

As a mother, Rachel has every right in the world to do or not do what she likes with her child, and if she chooses to keep his hair long and dress him in teeny moccasins and pull his mane back into a ponytail, then so be it.

What do you think about Rachel’s decision to keep Skylar’s hair long? Comment below!

Sources: Instagram, OK!

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