Credit: You Tube

Cats aren’t really known for letting people maul them, especially small, drooling people with poor social skills, so we have to admire this cat for enduring the plight of the family pet and letting this toddler have their with him.

He doesn’t seem overly perturbed as the little tyke picks up his legs and flips him like an omelet, over and over, although he does look like he’d really rather be somewhere else. Resting on a warm blanket on his own private island, perhaps, far away from any small children.

The cat endures for a bit, but he is after all, a cat, so at the first opportunity he high-tails it out the door. His adherence to his true feline nature seems to confuse his little friend, but we’re pretty sure he won’t be able to stay away for long.

Credit: You Tube Photo: Baby Wrestles Cat And It's Pretty Funny (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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