Credit: CBS Atlanta

William Ruhno became a big hero after he saved the life of his friend Derek — and he has Sesame Street to thank for his quick-thinking heroics.

As reported by CBS Atlanta, Derek and William were on their school playground when his friend began choking on a pretzel. As Derek says, “I ate one and it was fine, and then the other one, it got stuck in my throat.”

William quickly assessed the situation and gave his friend the Heimlich maneuver. The compressions didn’t work the first time he tried it, but did on the second time. Where did William learn this valuable skill? He says he saw it on the popular kids television show Sesame Street. In Williams words, “I’m so glad I did it, because I saved him.”

Debbie Ruhno, William’s mother, says she is ‘overwhelmed’ and full of pride for her son. Derek is glad, too. He says, “Well, I really appreciate that William is a very good friend, and he’s always by my side.”

Way to be a very good friend, William!

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Credit: CBS Atlanta Photo: Boy Saves Friend With Heimlich Learned From Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Source: CBS Atlanta

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