Credit: Instagram

You just know a professional photographer was behind the phone when this absolutely adorable pic was snapped of Gisele and baby daughter Vivian. We’ve just come to know and accept that Gisele’s body is perfect, she knots her hair without a single fly-away, and her hands could make a ballerina cry with perfection.

The shot went up on Instagram recently with the caption, “Practicing yoga with my little partner before going to work. Enjoy your day!” While little Viv doesn’t seen super interested in her model momma’s effortless Half Lord of the Fishes pose (oh yeah, we couldn’t make that up!), we have no doubt that she’ll turn into a full yogi soon.

Heck, if that’s Gisele’s secret to her tight and toned bod, you’ll have to excuse us while we do a few Sun Salutations.

Source: Instagram

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