Credit: WTHR Photo: Samantha and Jameson Kessler

Jameson Kessler may be one of the bravest little boys ever. The 3-year-old is super excited to help out his sick little sister Samantha with a much-needed bone marrow transplant to help cure her thalassemia, an extremely rare blood disorder.

Soon after the birth of their seemingly healthy baby girl, WTHR reports that mom Kyrie Kessler was delivered the shocking news: Her little girl had a rare blood disorder. Thalassemia destroys red blood cells, leading to anemia and a life expectancy of just 40 years, unless the patient receives new bone marrow. The new marrow is the key to Samantha’s body being able to create healthy blood cells.

When Jameson was found to be a perfect match, the 3-year-old was positively delighted. “He's excited,” Kyrie said. “Every time she goes to the hospital, he asks me when he gets to fix her so she can start staying home.”

In Jameson’s words, “I'll save her. I give her my bone marrow, to Samantha. Because I'm going to make her feel better and then I'm gonna save her when she's in trouble."

If that wasn’t cute enough, Kyrie said she got Jameson a costume with a skeleton on it, and when he wears it, he calls himself Marrow Man.


Best of luck to Jameson and little Samantha. Our thoughts are with you!

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Credit: WTHR Photo: This Beaming Boy Is About To Save His Little Sister With a Bone Marrow Donation

Source: WTHR

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