Credit: You Tube

Episode four of the viral video series "Convos With My 2-Year-Old": "The Check" focuses on something any parent of a toddler knows well. That would be the poop check.

It’s when you need to continually ask, smell, and sometimes physically verify whether your toddler has in fact done the deed. Because for some reason, hanging out in a dirty diaper is something they’ll do, for a long time.

This video highlights the hilarity of what the poop check entails, when Matthew asks David if he has in fact pooped, and does a ‘check.’ For some reason, when there are two full-grown men involved, it all seems a little bit (okay, a lot) more strange!

Credit: You Tube Photo: Conversations With My 2 Year Old, Episode 4 "The Check" (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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