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Grayson Clamp is 3 years old, and until three weeks ago, he’d never heard a sound. That all changed recently, when he heard his dad's voice saying “I love you” for the first time.

The North Carolina toddler was born without a cochlear nerve, which is the bridge between the brain and the auditory portion of the inner ear. A cochlear implant unfortunately did not work to restore his hearing.

Wanting to try every available avenue for their son, TIME reports that Grayson’s adoptive parents, Len and Nicole, enrolled him in an ongoing FDA trial for something called an "auditory brainstem implant." Grayson is the first child in America to receive this experimental treatment, in which an implanted microchip substitutes for the missing nerve.

The University of North Carolina School of Medicine recently released this video, in which Grayson can be seen hearing the sound of his father Len saying "daddy loves you." The boy clearly hears the sound, and looks absolutely amazed, like he can’t even believe it’s happening.

Although mom Nicole shared that the couple still has much work to do to teach Grayson how to process his newly acquired hearing. Len told WBTV of the treatment, “It's been phenomenal for us."

Credit: You Tube Photo: 3 Year Old Hears For First Time And His Reaction Is Amazing (VIDEO)

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