I've introduced my kids to kale and have gotten sneers, tears, and downright defiance, but one baby found the super food to be one of the funniest things she’d ever seen. Mom takes a big, leafy bunch of the vegetable (which is packed with antioxidants, btw) and lightly brushes the baby’s face with it. This sends the baby into a fit of giggles unlike any other and, at one point, even knocks her over onto the ground.

Can we just figure out a way to bottle baby giggles already? That way, when you’re in a bad mood, you crack open a bottle of baby giggles and all your troubles melt away. Ahhh...

This video is a must-watch. Seriously — who knew a cancer-fighting veggie could be so funny?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Who Knew Kale Was This Funny? Baby Can't Stop Laughing at Vegetable

Source: YouTube

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