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Okay, I admit it. I’m guilty of wanting my kids to become old enough to fix my computer for free. Unlimited family tech support would be awesome, and since I’m also the one haplessly in charge of fixing my own parents’ computers, I can’t deny that having a new generation of helpers would be simply awesome.

So I can’t fault this dad at all for asking his daughter to help him out of a laptop jam, yet again, but her hilarious response is even better.

The offspring finally decided to do what most of us only dreamed of: She sent a bill to her dad for her expert services. The unconventional invoice seems to be sent from a billing department where dogs wear suits, and the amount due is a dinner at a Round Table pizza, complete with fountain drink.

She explains where her dad’s label of ‘customer ID 9’ came from: “When I was younger I made up a road trip game and rule number 9 was "if dad doesn't understand, just ignore it". We still claim #9 for random nothings.”

Poor dad... but hey, at least your computer works now, and all it cost you is some pizza and some parmesan twists!

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