Credit: YouTube Photo: Dog Buries Puppy

This video from Iraq is difficult to get through, but it’s also incredibly moving. Someone discovered a poor deceased puppy lying on the ground and videotaped a grown dog paying it the highest respect by carefully burying it.

The gentleness with which this dog treats his fallen pal is truly moving, using his or her nose to gently nuzzle little mounds of dirt on top of the puppy. And the dog spends a whole three minutes making sure every part of the puppy is covered.

It breaks our heart to see it, but care like this in the animal kingdom is also such a beautiful thing. We’ve seen dogs too happy to stand still when their owners come home and dogs about to shed a tear at their master’s funeral, but to perform a funeral of their own for a fellow canine is incredible.

Credit: WhoIsYourBaghDaddy/YouTube Photo: This dog Burying a Puppy Will Break Your Heart

Source: YouTube

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