Credit: Penis Pans Photo: UFO Cake

That bachelorette party was pretty killer, but now what do you do with that overly emphatic penis cake pan you gals had such fun with? There really aren’t too many things in nature built like the majestic erect penis, now are there? Well, surprisingly, you’d be wrong.

The woman behind our new favorite baking site,, is showing her pan what she’s made of, creating very unique and even fun and appropriate confections for her whole family. Impossible, you say? Au contraire, mes amours.

Take a look at just a few of her very crafty creations and tell us honestly if you would still think ‘penis pan’ if this were served at a party. In fact, this is the perfect way to give Karen “the shaft” without her even knowing! (Sorry, we had to.)

Source: Penis Pans

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Credit: Penis Pan Photo: Wizard Cake

Credit: Penis Pan Photo: Alligator Cake

Credit: Penis Pan Photo: Palm Tree Cake