Credit: YouTube Photo: Kids Sing the National Anthem

We remember that one of the big signs in school that you were a good singer was that you were asked to sing the national anthem at Homecoming. Standing out in the brisk dusk weather, those kids would huddle together wearing their puffy coats and wooly hats, but when it came time to sing, their chests would rise and fall with each strong breath and their heads would snap to attention to deliver each word proudly and strongly.

The kids in these videos have just as much pride as they flow through each refrain, and even the youngest has her own style of singing that makes her performance unique and special. Some of these youngsters sing alone and some in a group, but they all understand the responsibility of delivering the message of pride and strength to their audience.

Listen to this incredible mashup of kids singing “The Star Spangled Banner” and note the faces of each child. Even at such a young age, they realize what it means to be an American, and it’s truly inspirational.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kids Sing Proudly Through the National Anthem

Source: YouTube

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