Credit: YouTube

Cats are very agile creatures, and despite the fact that I have a personal vendetta against all felines, I can appreciate their skills. Jumping with such accuracy and always landing on their feet is something that has amazed me for years. It’s like these things have magnets in their toes or something.

Too bad this little kitten didn’t receive the memo. The super top secret form of kitty jumping has eluded her, dooming her to perform such unsuccessful jumps as the one in the video. It’s really quite sad that she isn’t in the loop on this one, because she seems so full of promise.

Let’s face it: her form is perfect (just look at that extension!) but her ability to reach her destination gets a big, fat F.

So close... yet so far...

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kitten Makes Leap Of Faith... And Fails Hard

Source: YouTube

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