Credit: You Tube

We love how most dogs go immediately into protective mode from the moment the newborns come home from the hospital. This cute video shows that they can also make babies very comfy when they want to.

In this adorable video, ten-week-old baby girl Isabella falls asleep on top of a blanket when her grandmother’s dog, Miso, decides she needs to be more comfortable. Miso proceeds to puts blankets all around and on top of the sleeping baby, in an adorable display of true best friend-dom. At the end, Isabella looks very cozy, indeed.

The video was taken two years ago by Isabella's grandmother, Debra Shahlaie. Debra says that Isabella and Miso are still best buddies, even telling Huffington Post via email, "We FaceTime with Bella almost daily and the first thing she asks is 'Where's Miso?' Although it sounds more like she calls her 'Mio.'”

Three cheers for dog and toddler BFFs!

Credit: You Tube Photo: Best Dog Friend Miso Helps Baby Isabella Enjoy Her Nap (VIDEO)

Source: YouTubeHuffington Post

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