Credit: Youtube

Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious segment, "Jimmy Talks To Kids,” is a pretty honest — and funny! — look at how kids really think.

In this snippet, Jimmy poses some really interesting questions. A sample gem: “Why does it hurt when we get a cut, but not when we get a haircut?” The profound answer: “When people cut your hair, you really need to be around people you can trust.”

When Jimmy asks, “Who is the richest person in the world? The answers are very... creative, “John Bethlehem” (from Bible times) and “My uncle.” The best part of this segment is that kids answer Jimmy’s queries with all of the bravado of small people who don’t really know much of anything (yet), and it’s so entertaining!

Credit: Youtube Photo: Kids Answer Jimmy Kimmel's Questions, And Its So Funny (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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