Now that school's out for summer and your kids are hanging around the house in various states of boredom, the time has come to get them into the great outdoors! Otherwise known as your backyard.

The summer is a great time for outdoor play, but your children might need a little help getting things started. Check out 5 fun backyard games, all of which will provide hours of entertainment and fun in the sun!

Slip n' Slide Races

There is literally nothing more fun than a good ol' fashioned Slip n' Slide. They're a summer staple, a breeze to set up, and transform any backyard into a water park! They key? Springing for two or three Slip n' Slides and putting them next to each other so your kids can race. Last one to the finish line gets pummeled with water balloons!

Capture the Flag

This is a great game to play if your kids are having a large group of friends over for a party. Divide the children into two teams and give each team a flag. Then create an invisible line down your outdoor space — one side belongs to Team A, and one side belongs to Team B. Each team has to hide their flag somewhere in their territory, and the other teams' job is to capture it without being tagged! If someone does gets tagged, they head straight to the opposing teams "jail" until another team member manages to sneak up and rescue them. It's a blast!


All you need is a patch of cement, a ball, and a piece of chalk, and you have the recipe for Foursquare. The rules are simple — draw a giant square on the ground and divide it into fourths. Then have each kid stand in one mini-square. The object of the game is to hit the ball from square to square without having it go out of bounds. If a ball is hit out of bounds, the player who hit it is ousted from the game, and someone else takes his or her place!


Sardines is similar to hide and seek, only way more fun and meant for a large group of kids. Have all you players cover their eyes except for one — the sardine. This kiddo has about 30 seconds to find a great hiding spot that can fit more than one person. When one of the other players finds the sardine, they get in the hiding place too, until every player is there except for one. The last person to find the rest of the players loses the game and gets to be the hider for the next round!


This classic game is tons of fun for just a couple kids or an entire group. Either way, divide your players into equal teams and give them a few horseshoes. They'll take turns tossing the shoe towards a stake in the ground, and will be awarded points based on how close they get to the goal. You can make up your own point-system, but we recommend 1 point for getting within a couple inches, 2 points for touching the stake, and 3 for actually ringing the shoe around the stake. First team to reach 20 points wins!

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