Credit: Etsy

We will meet the newest heir to the British throne any day now, and people everywhere are preparing in their own way for the the royal baby. Some mothers in the UK are actually leaving their newborns nameless until Kate Middleton announces the name of her baby, but we have another way of welcoming a royal into your own home.

Kate surely has her nurseries stocked and ready for her little bundle of joy, but if you want to get your baby ready for a royal life, try snapping up a few of these fun accessories!

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Credit: Etsy

Mini Crown (Etsy, $20)

Of course, every little royal needs a little crown! 

Credit: Amazon

3-Carat Diamond Pacifier (Amazon, $17,000)

Hurry, only three left!

Credit: Houzz

Castle Bed

Give your own little prince or princess their own magnificent castle.

Credit: gDiapers

gRegal gPants Diaper Cover (gDiapers, $25)

While a diaper is a baby necessity, there’s no reason why it can’t look expensive with a purple velvet diaper cover.

Credit: Posh Tots

Oval High Chair in Leopard (Posh Tots, $885)

Never let your baby’s bottom touch cold plastic again with this hand carved leopard print high chair.