Credit: TheRealDeAnne/YouTube Photo: Nerdy Love Song Plus Kitten

We really appreciate when a song is both catchy and intelligent, so we immediately fell in love with DeAnne Smith’s “Nerdy Love Song.” Also, the fact that it’s about nerds and is played with a ukulele is fantastic. Double bonus: KITTEN ATTACK!

DeAnne’s kitten probably just woke up from a nap because the little thing wants to play, play, play. It may have been trying to help its human strum out that fantastic melody, but we’re pretty sure it was just honing its instincts by attacking her hand.

Just a quick tip, kitty: stealth is the key, and you’re kind of failing.

Credit: TheRealDeAnne/YouTube Photo: DeAnne Smith's 'Nerdy Love Song' Gets Love From a Playful Kitten

Source: YouTube

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