Credit: Joshua Hoffine Photo: Ghoul Holds Sleeping Baby

That thing under your bed, that monster in your closet, that creature that lives in the basement. These are all typical childhood fears of the unknown, the darkness, and those spaces you dare not explore. Monsters, Inc. took those fears and gave them playful and even lovable faces, but self-proclaimed “horror photographer” Joshua Hoffine went the other way.

All four of Joshua’s daughters have been featured in his art, along with a few nieces and nephews. While he claims that none of them have complained of nightmares from the sets, we still wonder if they’re any more inclined to hold off the nighttime potty break until morning.

Joshua likes to stretch his imagination and use everything from human-looking ghouls to alien creatures to animals as the subjects of his shots. His girls are either cornered by a beastie or completely unaware of its lurking presence, and we can’t decide which is more terrifying!

While we’re not art critics by any means, we are drawn to Joshua’s work, and the fact that he’s enjoying some quality time with his daughters while he’s creating these beautifully terrifying worlds is great.

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Credit: Joshua Hoffine Photo: Thing Under the Bed

Credit: Joshua Hoffine Photo: Monster in the Closet

Credit: Joshua Hoffine Photo: Dark Silhouette

Credit: Joshua Hoffine Photo: Must Be a Full Moon

Source: Joshua Hoffine

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