Credit: Reddit

For most parents, the words “fifth baby” can raise some eyebrows. Unless you are the Duggars, Jon & Kate, or some other type of reality show star, five kids is just so many kids. But five boys? Now that’s just crazy.

The Frisbie family thought so, too, so when they found out at their 23-week ultrasound that they had yet another boy on the way, they had some fun with it. The Frisbies posted this clever photo on Reddit with the caption, “We’re gonna have another boy.”

In the photo, the Frisbie males stand triumphantly, with weapons and wearing superhero costumes, while Mrs. Frisbie pretends to cry on the couch, a box of tissues by her side. The Frisbies were all prepared if they had a girl though, dad Isaac told TODAY Moms via email, “We decided if it was a girl, I would be the one sobbing and she would be in a tiara and a tutu and a wand dancing happily.” Seriously, how do you guys have time to come up with this stuff? You’ve got four other children!

Our thoughts are with Mrs. Frisbie as she bravely makes her way in her house of manly men. Although she didn't end up with the girl that (we’re just guessing, here) she was probably hoping for, we’ll bet the moment she meets her fifth bundle of dude joy that she’ll regret nothing. Plus, think of all the hand-me-downs that kid’s gonna get — no shopping required!

Source: Reddit

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