Credit: Youtube

Work can be a bit dull sometimes, even if you work at an awesome drum shop. Customers come in, buy what they need, and leave.

For employees at the Coalition Drum Shop, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, things got a million times more exciting recently when an elderly woman came in, sat down at a drum set, and “rocked their faces off.” Don’t believe it? Well, they took this amazing video to prove it.

Who is this old lady? We’ve never seen any non-professional play the drums like that. On YouTube, a representative for the shop states, "We have no idea where this lady came from, what her name is, or where she went, but she rocked our faces off!” Indeed she did. Maybe if you clap really loudly she’ll come back for an encore?

Keep on rockin’, Grandma!

Credit: Youtube Photo: Elderly Woman Surprises Drum Shop With Impromptu Solo (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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