Credit: Youtube

Apparently, the little girl known simply as “LOG” likes to have fun messing with her little brother. In this cute video, she decided to really mess him up — with diaper cream. In the video, their mom walks into the room to find that LOG’s little bro is covered with Desitin.

The video caption on YouTube says, “This is the second time walking into the room. The first time, LOG yelled "SURPRISE!" and I immediately closed the door and turned around to get the camera. Our house no doubt will forever smell like Desitin and yes, LOG got some on her Trophy costume!“

LOG’s defense? Well, she was just putting some “pretend suncream” on her little bro. No harm in that, right? Thanks, sis!

Credit: Youtube Photo: Little Girl Gets In Trouble For Getting Creative With Diaper Cream (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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