Credit: Aol On Photo: Baby Jasleen Record Holder Big Baby in Germany

Whoa, baby! Germany’s previous big baby weight record was recently broken by newborn Jasleen, who weighed in at 13 pounds when she was born last Friday. There’s more: according to New York Daily News, Jasleen was born vaginally.

Pause for furrowing of the brow followed by a quick burst of air through pursed lips. Add shaking of the head if necessary.

The mother was discovered to have a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, which commonly causes bigger than normal babies. No word from the mother about any pregnancy difficulties or labor details (ouch!), but we can pretty much imagine what happened.

While Jasleen is indeed a big girl, there was a 14-pound baby girl born to a mother in Colorado earlier this month, and the largest baby ever born was a 25-pound boy. He was born to a 7’5” mother and a 7’11” father, but sadly he died 11 hours after birth.

Credit: Aol On Photo: Record-Breaking 13lb. Baby Born in Germany

Source: New York Daily News

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