Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live Photo: Oprah Surprises an Audience Member With a New Car

Growing up in the 90s, we didn’t have much to do after school but plop down in front of the TV and watch talk shows. One particular host that we could always count on to deliver the most gut-wrenching real stories or the most painful hysterical laughs was Oprah. We were genuinely sad to see her show end, but her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live brought back one of our fondest memories of childhood.

Oprah appeared on Jimmy’s show to promote the film in which she makes her triumphant return to the silver screen alongside Forest Whitaker: The Butler. The 59-year-old television mogul plays the part of Gloria Gaines, the wife of a long-serving White House butler (Whitaker) who served 8 presidents, but as she’s talking about her experience working with the Oscar Award-winner, she suddenly cuts herself off.

“Hold on,” Oprah says as she holds a hand up at Jimmy. “I just got that feeling again.

“What feeling?” he asks.

“You know, that feeling. I get that feeling, you know?”

“Should we stop or something?”

“No no no no no no no. I really didn’t want it to happen here!”

“Are you alright?”

Oprah takes the opportunity to call a random woman down from the audience to sit beside her on the cushy show set. After asking the woman’s name, Oprah finally relieves her tension in the only way she knows how:

“You get a car!” Oprah screams into the face of the young, unsuspecting woman. Again, so many memories.

Confetti rains down, Oprah hands the woman a set of keys, and she is taken behind the studio to where her new Ford Fusion Hybrid is waiting. This woman just won a freaking car and all she had to do was request a free ticket to a show taping and show up.

After the show, Oprah tweeted about her recent interview: "THAT was fun! I don't know what came over me! #yougetacar"

Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live Photo: Oprah Surprises a Fan With a New Car on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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