We can all admit that we get a little annoyed when our barista gets our coffee order wrong, giving us a tall iced latte instead of our favorite triple short macchiato, for example, but we’ve never really thought of whipping out a gun and hitting our server in the head with it like this one couple.

Jeffrey Wright and Alexis Longo, a Broward, Florida, couple were, to say the least, severely disappointed by the service they received at a Dunkin’ Donuts recently. Police say that Wright, 27, and Longo, 26, are being charged with assault and battery for allegedly pistol-whipping and beating an employee who incorrectly filled their order.

It wasn’t until the two picked up their to-go coffee orders and went back to their car that they realized the server’s world-shattering mistake: Longo had asked for caramel and received vanilla. The couple went back into the shop and asked to speak to the manager. While they were waiting, an altercation broke out between the couple and the employee who made the error.

As other customers in the shop bravely attempted to break up the fight, Wright pulled out a 9mm handgun and began to beat the employee over the head with it. The entire scene was captured on video, allowing the police to quickly arrest and charge Wright and Longo when they arrived minutes later.

Credit: Orlando Sun Sentinel via Miami Herald Photo: Couple Allegedly Beat Dunkin' Donuts Employee for Getting Order Wrong (VIDEO)

Source: Miami Herald

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